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Welcome to Therapist Mom of Twins, my very own passion project filled with my journey as a new mom of identical twin boys and psychotherapist. I hope some of my insight as a therapist and mom of twins will help provide ideas, support, and a few laughs for those of you with growing families! I try to keep thing "short and sweet" because I know time is precious and I like to get to the point. Subscribe for new blog updates.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor so no advice should be taken on here to substitute medical advice from your doctor. Also, I am not your personal therapist, therefore, I am not providing therapy to you. This blog is used to provide information, suggestions, and ideas to people seeking it. Everything on here and my podcast is purely my opinion unless otherwise stated by a guest speaker or sited by empirical research. Topics on the blog or speakers on the podcast may be triggering for some people so read and listen with caution. 

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